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A few answers to your most common questions.

What is Pitches.ai and how can it help me?
Pitches.ai is a cutting-edge AI-powered tool designed to write and re-write pitch deck presentations. By enhancing clarity, optimizing structure, and refining messaging, it helps business leaders create compelling narratives that resonate with their audience. Right now, Pitches.ai is purpose-built for early stage startups raising Pre-seed, Seed, or Series-A rounds.
Why should I trust a pitch from Pitches.ai?
The Pitches.ai team is a group of dedicated individuals who are passionate about helping businesses succeed with great pitches. Our parent company, STORY Pitch Decks, has helped 200+ clients raise over $3 billion in capital. We're also committed to creating unbelievably useful AI tools for startup founders, setting us apart from other AI presentation and pitch deck service firms. Our team's extensive experience, proven track record, and commitment to quality ensure that you're getting the best possible pitch deck.
How does the AI technology in Pitches.ai work?
Pitches.ai leverages the power of OpenAI's ChatGPT, an advanced language learning model, to analyze and enhance pitch decks. It applies our Proven Pitch Frameworks™ to rewrite and refine the content and upgrade the entire deck's design.
What are your Proven Pitch Frameworks™?
We're not just a bunch of randos who thought creating a pitch deck tool would be a good idea. Our parent company, STORY Pitch Decks, has helped hundreds of clients raise billions in investor capital. Our Proven Pitch Frameworks that Pitches.ai uses represents the cumulative knowledge we've amassed helping founders raise successfully.
How is Pitches.ai different from other tools?
We're not another drag-and-drop AI pitch builder. Quite the opposite. Our tool focuses on content creation, editing, and optimization in addition to excellent design. Moreover, our pitches are generated in Google Slides and PowerPoint, so you edit and finalize them in your favorite apps. We also offer professional pitch services.
What formats does Pitches.ai accept?
For pitch deck rewrites (upload a document), Pitches.ai accepts only PDF format that is under 10 mb in total. We recommend using a compression tool like ilovepdf.com to get it to a more ideal size if it is large. Our freestyle mode accepts up to 2,000 words.
What formats does Pitches.ai generate in?
We don't use some proprietary drag-and-drop tool. Instead, we generate presentations in Google Slides and PowerPoint formats so you can easily edit any of our pitches in your favorite apps.
How long does it take?
Once started, generating a single pitch with Pitches.ai takes between 5-10 minutes.
What is the cost of using Pitches.ai?
We now operate on a token-based pricing model, like an old-school arcade. Read more about our pricing here.
How secure is Pitches.ai?
At Pitches.ai, we prioritize the security and confidentiality of your information. We adhere to stringent security practices to protect your data. All pitch decks submitted to us are handled with the utmost confidentiality and are used solely for the purpose of enhancing your presentation. While we use Google Drive to store your pitches, we only share them with the email used when you signed up.
How do I customize my pitch's theme?
We now offer two core themes: light and dark. All pitches generated come with both automatically. Both themes also feature customizable accent colors that are chosen when you generate a pitch. We might change your color slightly to ensure it works on light and dark backgrounds.
Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Click GET STARTED to ask any question you'd like from our AI-powered assistant. If you need further help, you can reach out to us at support@pitches.ai or use this form.
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