ALL POSTS Version 4: An update that packs a punch! Tokens, AI-photos, charts, and more.

Louise Saludo
February 7, 2024
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A New Era of Generative Pitch Decks with

We're excited to announce a suite of groundbreaking features at, designed to change the way you create pitch decks. From dual-mode templates to AI-generated visuals, our latest updates are set to transform your presentations into captivating stories. These features are not just enhancements; they represent a new chapter in pitch deck customization, making your pitches more intuitive, visually stunning, and impactful.

What's Awesome About v4?

In 2024, is entering a new era of AI-generated pitch decks. Major features inclued AI-generated charts and graphs, light and dark themes, an awesome token system, AI-generated images, and multiple ways to generate pitches.

Let’s discuss them in-depth!

Light and Dark Theme Templates: The Power of Choice

Our new Light and Dark Mode Templates offer unprecedented control over your pitch deck's visual branding. With 30 slides - 15 in each mode - you can now choose the style that aligns with your brand and the ambiance of your presentation. This feature addresses the growing demand for customizable and adaptable presentation tools, ensuring your pitch resonates with your audience, no matter the setting.

Updated Design AGAIN: Sleeker, Professional Pitch Design

In our V4 update, we’ve perfected the newest iteration of our pitch deck design. Gone are the empty placeholders for photos and charts (more on that later!). We’ve also integrated your brand color more dynamically within the presentation to keep your pitch on-brand. Users also have the freedom to choose between light and dark-themed designs depending on what resonates with the business’ brand identity.

AI-Generated Photos: Visual Storytelling Redefined

We're pushing the boundaries of visual communication with our AI-generated photos feature. Leveraging the capabilities of Dall-E, now embeds high-quality, contextually relevant images directly into your pitch. This enhancement not only enriches the visual appeal of your deck but also ensures that each slide tells a part of your story in the most engaging way.

Google Drive Integration: Seamless Accessibility

Forget the hassle of lost or misplaced pitch decks. Our new Google Drive Folder feature ensures that your pitch deck and associated Google Sheets are always within reach. Once you buy tokens from our AI Virtual Assistant Lily, you'll receive an email to access a shared Google Drive folder, providing a secure and convenient way to manage and share your presentations.

Embedded Charts: Data Presentation Simplified

Say goodbye to placeholders for graphs and charts. In v4, our investment pitch decks now come with graphs and charts automatically embedded on your pitch. This feature allows you to seamlessly show market growth, revenue projections, and industry data visually. How does it work? Our auto-embedded charts feature automatically creates a Google Sheet with your data and seamlessly integrates these charts into your slides. This not only saves time but also presents your data in a more coherent and visually appealing manner.

Freestyle: Unleash Your Creativity

For those still shaping their business model or narrative, our Freestyle feature is a game-changer. Simply provide a short prompt, and let fill in the blanks, crafting a compelling and cohesive pitch that captures the essence of your idea.

Tokens: Simplified Pricing, Enhanced Experience

We've revamped our pricing system for greater convenience and accessibility. With our new token system, you can purchase three tokens for just $29, making pitch deck generation more affordable and fun. Each token unlocks the potential to create a pitch that could change the course of your business.

Your Feedback: Shaping the Future of Pitch Decks

We're eager for you to experience these new features and see the difference they make in your pitch decks. Your feedback is crucial in helping us refine and enhance our offerings. Share your thoughts and help us shape the future of pitch deck creation, ensuring continues to meet and exceed your expectations. Send us your feedback at

A Bright Future with

These new features mark a significant milestone in our journey to provide the most advanced, user-friendly pitch deck creation tools. We're committed to continuous innovation and user-centric design, ensuring that remains at the forefront of presentation technology. Join us in this exciting new chapter and discover how our latest updates can elevate your pitch decks to new heights.

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